10 Sustainable Holiday Essentials

Your long awaited summer holidays have arrived. Your flights are booked, your accommodation is arranged and the only thing left to do is to pack your suitcase. However, looking back and forth at your summer wardrobe and the limited space of a suitcase, you discover that packing is actually the hardest part! Whether you are going on a weekend getaway or 10-day all inclusive holiday, the decision about what to pack seems like the most important life decision. What if you don’t pack enough? Maybe you realize that you don’t have any sandals, halfway through packing, which is where our packing list comes in useful!

This list should help you go through the very essential and sustainable pieces you should pack for a summer holiday.

  1. Day pack

What can we say? A day pack should be the key item in your packing list. Its size, quality and comfort will define your whole trip. Whether a day pack is all you are taking, or you have it as an addition to your suitcase, it is important to think about the way you are going to spend your holiday. Will you go on long day trips? Will you walk in towns or rather hike in the nature? It is also important that you try the backpack out, so you can get an idea how it feels on your back.

This bag by Freibeutler will have your back in any situation. 😉 Made of recycled PET, it comes in different colours, designs and sizes (15-18L) you can choose from. You will also be easily seen in the dark thanks to the reflective straps and the reflective logo. Check out all our women’s backpacks.

2. Basic T-Shirt

Although you are probably heading to a tropical destination, it is good to have a basic t-shirt to cover up on the way home (airports and airplanes can be very chilly) or on colder nights.

Here is a range of organic cotton, viscose or linen T-shirts to go for, check them out here.

(Brava Fabrics – Vintage Swimmer Regular T-Shirt)

3. Swimwear

Did you know abandoned fishing nets are a major contributor to plastic waste pollution in the ocean? And did you know that swimsuits can be made out of salvaged and recycled fishing nets? What better way to fight against plastic waste!

Luckily there are many companies who have gotten on a mission to take part in circular fashion, which gives us a wide selection of colours, styles and designs! Sporty? Modern? Boho? Choose the style you like best! Check out all our sustainable swimwear.

4. Tops

Tops are a basic in a summer wardrobe! It will probably be the clothing you wear the most, so it’s worth spending time and consideration when picking it.

Again, as with t-shirts, we recommend materials that allow your skin to breath through and avoid any sweat discomfort. Check out all our women’s tops.

(Trace Collective – Linen Tie Top)

5. Shorts

1 People produces sustainable minimalistic garments in collaboration with artisan communities in Asia. 40% of their profits go back into the communities to support them in their education and development. Get comfortable quality shorts and support a good cause! Head to our shorts section to see more.

6. Tote Bag

A tote bag in your backpack always comes handy! Great for the beach or just a quick run to the supermarket, you can never go wrong with a tote bag! Find all of our tote bags here.

( Nael Tote Bag )

7. Dresses and Skirts

Polyester is a no-go. Breathable materials for skirts and dresses and you will apreciate them especially in the heat. Our favourites are natural and organic materials!

Check out all our summer skirts and dresses.

(Vildnis – Wittering eco-friendly Tencel print dress)

8. Footwear

An investment in good shoes is the best investment you will ever make. High-quality shoes that will last you years and will reliably carry you everywhere are hard to find in fast fashion retailers. Luckily, we know reliable manufactures, for whom quality and durability are a given. What’s more, they make a point to produce from sustainable materials and engage in fair trade!

Check out all our summer footwear.

(Onnoa shoes, Bailarina Garbo Horizon)

9. Bralette

Wear them as underwear, as a top with a dress or for a morning beach yoga session, we love bralettes for their comfort and versatility! The Sona light Organic bralette offers great support without wires and the straps set up a charming neckline on the back.

Check out all our summer underwear.

(Frija Omina, Organic bralette Sona light colours)

10. Cosmetic Bag

Keep all beauty essentials close to hand with this classic luxury leather cosmetic bag. Able to fit all your travel-sized toiletries, including make-up, jewellery or any other small necessities. 

The Cosmetic Bag comes in Classic Leather, which has a classy, yet modern and sophisticated look. It is characterized by its shining surface and a smooth and gentle feel. The premium quality sustainable leather is tanned without the use of harmful chemicals and has no synthetic top finish.

See all of our cosmetic bags.

(O my bag, Cosmetic Bag)

Head to our Summer Outfits article for outfits inspiration and styling!

Written by: Adela

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