Beflamboyant and be ethical

Check out our interview with ethical footwear brand Beflamboyant:

1.     Describe your brand in a few sentences.  

We are a conscious footwear brand, specialising in vegan, sustainable and unisex sneakers. All handmade in Portugal.

2.     What’s the story behind Beflamboyant? How did it all start? 

Beflamboyant started with our desire to undertake and reverse the enormous ecological footprint left by the fashion industry and its reliance on animal abuse and the exploitation of workers. This led us to create an environmentally-conscious brand, a brand that is kind to both animals and people. After a trip, we discovered the wonderful Flamboyant tree. We fell in love with it and decided to make it the brand’s name and logo. 

3.     Can you tell us more about the production process of your products? 

The production of our products is similar to the traditional shoe manufacturing process, while also remaining respectful of workers’ rights.

4.     Personally, what does sustainability mean to you? 

For us, sustainability means “the future”.

5.     As a sustainable brand, what are your biggest challenges? 

The biggest challenge is getting sustainable materials that meet the quality and transparency requirements of suppliers.

6.     Where do you gain inspiration? 

I don’t have a particular place or method of gaining inspiration, it just comes and you take advantage of it. 

7.     What is your favorite item from your collection and why? 

I think my favourite is the one to come.

8.     What made you choose Eco Fashion Labels to sell your products? 

The values you promote, the aesthetics, the location, and also the fact that the marketplace has other fabulous brands and attracts more interested and committed customers with sustainable fashion. 

9.     What are the biggest challenges sustainable fashion is facing right now? 

 The greatest challenge is always getting and creating even more sustainable products. 

10.  What can be improved in this sector? 

Transparency and variety of materials.

Shop the Beflamboyant brand on Eco Fashion Labels:

We thank the brand for taking part in this interview!

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Written by: Chantal 🙂

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