to zero waste and self production!

In 2018, almost 60 kg per capita  of plastic waste were produced in Ireland. All the data in Europe is not reassuring: Germany 38 kg, Italy 37 kg, Czech Republic 23 kg. The management of all this plastic waste is not easy and it is often not done in an optimal way, so plastic accumulates in the environment unrestrained. We often talk about it, but the system does not change, and awareness is difficult to raise.

But there are some who are not unconcerned about the waste problem. Those who see plastic lakes and harmed animals decide to make a change in their lives. Taking the road of zero waste is not easy, especially in a society where it is not conceivable or shared. Autoproduco blog was created for this, to support and guide people in concrete change within the zero waste movement. It was 2013 when Elisa Nicoli decided to start sharing her experience as a self-producer and contribute to spreading the culture of homemade. The site defines itself as a “laboratory”, a place where there is no teacher or pupils, but the experience is shared with the same direction and objective: decreasing one’s ecological footprint.

A series of 10 books in Italian were also born from Elisa’s pen, containing advice and guides on specific topics, from cleaning to recipes, to reducing the production of plastic waste in everyday life.

Autoproduco also supports the use of recycled materials, so old clothes become pillow fillings, old socks are woven as pot holders or trivets. In the same way some Eco Fashion Labels brands use industrial textile waste to create recycled fabrics or leather scraps for super sustainable bags.

The site is divided into sections, where engaging video tutorials can also be found. Specifically, the use of herbs is interesting, in cosmetics too. It’s often underestimated because it’s unknown, but it’s worth investigating to improve the quality of everyone’s life.

It’s also worth it to follow Autoproduco on Instagram, where they  publish self-production images and videos to help anyone reduce or zero their annual plastic production. The journey is not easy, but with communities like these and responsible purchasing choices, we can together improve the environmental condition and create a truly sustainable lifestyle.

By Elisa Botticella

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