Eco Storie

Today we decided to talk to you about our new Italian friend: Eco Storie blog edited by Francesca.

Eco Storie blog is dedicated to 100% sustainability. In fact, through various articles, Eco Storie deals with explaining sustainability in all forms. From fashion to more everyday aspects, such as body care and the choice of the right ecological soap.

Francesca says she started to get passionate about the zero waste movement in 2019. This movement encourages a conscious lifestyle that aims to reduce its environmental impact, producing less waste. From that moment her blog was born: a sort of hand book to help all who decides to take the path determine by the zero waste movement.

Francesca provides a practical guide valid for everyone, especially for young people. In fact, young people are those who are most interested in the environmental impact but usually have less income than their parents and perhaps live in confined environments. This guide is all for them and their needs!

Returning to the fashion side, on the blog you can also find a guide to Italian and European brands that produce in a sustainable way. The great thing is that you will find them divided by price range! Super cool!

The values of Eco Storie and Francesca are simple:

I aggregate sustainable alternatives
I self-produce and explain how it’s done: #reelcette
I support ‘made in Italy’ and slow fashion
Purchase without packaging

Putting this into practice all of these beliefs are clearly visible in the posts that Francesca publishes on her Instagram channel. It is a practical transposition of all those little curiosities that every girl poses in the vast world of sustainability. Everything is happily combined with a note of irony and pastel colors. The right tone to explain these useful tips in terms of sustainability also makes this channel a must for every young person who wants to approach the world of sustainability with the right approach.

In short, given that Eco Storie talked about Eco Fashion Labels, we believe that this is the beginning of a wonderful collaboration and friendship between young people linked by the same fashion and green philosophy.

By Lisa Finetti

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