2021: 5 good ecological intentions for Next Year!

The arrival of the New Year creates many expectations every time. To leave 2020 behind us for good, we have all already begun to think about good intentions for 2021. Every year we promise to do more sports, save money and maybe go on a diet. For 2021, we at Eco Fashion Labels have thought of some good sustainable intentions that will help us live in a better and greener World!

Lifestyle change is certainly difficult but, with some tips each of us can put into practice some sustainable ideas that will gradually affect our entire approach to life.

1. Let’s start with nutrition. A balanced diet is certainly the basis of respect for the planet. We should try to eat less meat, and instead eat more fish, preferably farmed. Then we should only eat seasonal foods as to not waste energy to ensure that these food products end up on our tables after traveling who knows how many kilometers. Finally, choosing local producers and products within 0km, in addition to increasing the local economy, will reduce transport and production costs that would translate into pollution.

Here is a little curiosity: to produce 1kg of meat it takes 108 cubic meters of water and the equivalent of energy to keep a 100 watt light bulb on for 20 days.

2. A very important point is packaging. We must try to reduce plastic packaging as much as possible. For an example, we can choose a detergent on tap or a solid shampoo to avoid having to throw away unnecessary plastic. While shopping, we could use tote bags instead of plastic ones. Finally, let’s stop using disposable items, they are almost all non-recyclable!

3. Among the good intentions we could then add a small investment. In fact, to save money it is sometimes necessary to invest correctly. We buy class A+ appliances, that are energy-saving ones, which in the long run as well as saving energy allows us to save money.

Here’s another little curiosity: a state-of-the-art dishwasher fully loaded A+, consumes less water than a handly wash dishes!

4. Another piece of advice is certainly to invest in your wardrobe and in everyday objects. In addition to not buying useless clothes, for example you can indulge yourself by buying them in vintage stores or from brands that produce in a sustainable way and with certified fabrics. All organic fiber garments are in fact biodegradable and free of chemical additives that can damage human health and that of the planet. These organic fibers are then found in many other objects that you can use at home. For example you can buy bamboo fiber make-up pads, which are durable and washable after each use. Or you can choose the bamboo fiber toothbrushes which, once damaged, can be thrown directly into the wild/nature without polluting the planet in any way.

5. As the last point, we would not be trivial by telling you not to waste water because you already know this. But you can buy a plant or rather more than one. Indoor plants improve the quality of the air in the house, helping to absorb potentially harmful gases. Plants filter toxic gases and produce oxygen, making homes more liveable; the best to purify the air are the Phalangium or chlorophyte, the Spatifillus, and the bamboo palms. When buying a plant, you will certainly furnish your home in a greener way and you will do good to your home environment with a reflection on the entire planet! So what are you waiting for?

With these little 5 tips we are sure that each of us can reflect on our habits and maybe change them. Every little gesture will be an integral part of the change that the planet needs to survive in an ecological, sustainable and healthy way! We are sure that 2021 will be the right year to learn the ethics of sustainability!

By Lisa Finetti

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