Sustainable Christmas: 5 little tips!

In a few days it will be Christmas. This holiday, dedicated to family, hope and happiness. This year Christmas will be spent by most of us in a different way. Despite the various limitations due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Christmas is still an opportunity for shopping and creativity.

On the other hand, Christmas is among the most consumerist holiday that exists. One of the good intentions could be to spend these holidays in the most ecological way possible. Santa Claus is the first example of sustainability, he arrives on a sledge and brings gifts to children all over the world without producing any emissions and without polluting. So if we want to be sure that Santa Claus comes to visit our homes this year, let’s try to be ecological too.

Here are some curiosities for you. Did you know that 90% of Christmas trees die after the Christmas holidays?

And that the consumption of all the Christmas lights could illuminate a city of about 1 million inhabitants during rush hour?

We at Eco Fashion Labels have come up with a little advice to help you live a more eco-friendly Christmas.

1. Do not buy a real Christmas tree, build one with pruned branches, which have the same effect, cost less and do not cause damage to the environment.

2. As for the decorations, choose low energy consumption lights such as led ones. Equip your lighting system with a timer switch that can automatically turn off all your Christmas lights at night.

3. Let’s move on to the gifts. Try to impress your friends and loved ones with useful gifts, something that they could really need. Buy items and clothes that have the appropriate certifications, perhaps vintage or fair trade. On our site, for example, you can find many gift ideas that follow this guideline.

4. To wrap your presents choose recycled paper or paper that you already have at home, perhaps some old newspapers. For greeting cards, always use those made of recycled paper, easily available in all stationeries. An innovative idea can be to play with children and creating the cards at home, using colorfull paper, cutting out different shapes to create petals, ribbons, flowers, snowlakes and so much more.

5. It’s time to go to the kitchen. Try to prepare dishes with organic food from local producers. Choose seasonal foods and you will avoid costs and consumption for production or transport. Further to not use disposable plates and cutlery and at the end of the meal when throwing everything away, make sure to sort out the waist and recycle what you can!

These little tips show us how it is possible to experience a consumerism day like Christmas, without forgetting to take a look at the protection of our planet. Try to follow them and you will take your first step into the world of sustainability without having to give up the joy of Christmas!

By: Lisa Finetti

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