Teleambiente: A new sustainable friend!

Today we would like to tell you a little bit of information about our new friend: Teleambiente. This Italian TV channel was born in 1990, as an information broadcaster active above all in central Italy.

This channel was born to stand out from the crowd, dealing with independent information and not linked to the large commercial channels. The basic idea, the one that we at Eco Fashion Labels liked so much, is the ecological and sustainable appeal and the interest in everything that can save our planet. As for the television services, they are all self-produced or produced as collaborations with various consumer associations, environmental associations, vegetarians, vegans, animal welfare, and ecologists. They all share the ultimate goal of bringing to attention issues of common importance such as the protection of the territory, biodiversity, ethical consumption, and human well-being.

Attention to all issues related to nature and sustainability is fundamental. It is interesting to note, in fact, how Teleambiente has specialised itself in different sectors: from documentaries on animals, programs related to fashion and design, current events, health, news and art, to culture. All read from an environmental and sustainable perspective. All these services and their various insights can also be seen on their website.

The most attractive point of this TV station is that it has been able to reinvent itself according to new communication channels. The Teleambiente Instagram channel, which has been very active for a year, everyday publishes sustainable curiosities to share with its users. Its two main columns are called “News” and “Lo sapevi che” which means in Italian “Did you know that”. Every day, through images and interesting captions, they attract the public to learn about new issues that affect the world and sustainability. This is a very fun way to raise awareness, touching on the different categories that could affect all people’s lives.

Also in one of their columns they introduced Eco Fashion Labels and talked about our products!

Teleambiente works for a sustainable world and does so through coherent choices. For this reason, it only transmits advertising that respects ethics, and protects the person and the environment. In this way Teleambiente tries to give a voice to all of those who work to make the world a more sustainable place who are often not listened to!

By Lisa Finetti

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