Christmas Gift Guide: ecological and smart brands!

Are you still thinking about what to buy for a Christmas gift? We at Eco Fashion Labels have a lot of special ideas for you! In fact, on our site you can find sustainability and fashion, combined in many innovative ideas to make unique and special gifts.

This is the reason why we have decided to illustrate some brands that, in addition to following our sustainable ideals, we have created a gift guide with special prices to help you, save money with Christmas shopping.

Let’s start by talking about Sandqvist. The brand’s headquarters are in Stockholm and therefore all their projects are inspired by Nordic landscapes and simple lines. The highlight of the brand are their backpacks. As for the sustainable side, the products are made of 100% organic cotton with adjustable straps in vegetable tanned leather for maximum comfort. So if you want to make a gift to an extremely functional person, why not a nice backpack?

If you are still thinking about what to give your friend with a colorful and fun style, a pair of Organic Socks of Sweden could be for the tight gift. Despite the bright colors of the dedigns, the origin of the brand lies in an industrial district of Pakistan, where the founder of the company grew up surrounded by thousands of textile factories. Flown to Sweden, he combined his past and his studies to then give life to Organic Socks of Sweden in 2016. The production process of the socks is GOTS certified, which guarantees absence of toxic chemicals, no environmental damage and above all no minor workers involved in the production. 

Are you thinking of a sexy and elegant gift for your girlfriend? Perhaps a one of a kind that respects the environment at the same time. All Underwear Woron lingerie products are for you. The brand based in Copenhagen, founded by the sisters Arina and Anya Woron with its timeless elegance will be perfect. Furthermore, the main material from which his garments are produced is modal: a soft, luxurious and among the most environmentally friendly materials available. It is a fine and smooth beech wood fiber, produced entirely in Europe and with a comfortable and luxury design.

Finally we come to the friend who loves innovative shoes and clothes. The sporty and trendy friend who never gives up on an intelligent purchase. That’s why giving him an ECOALF garment or a pair of shoes is the right choice. The brand first called the slogan “Why Planet B Doesn’t Exist” and this philosophy is deeply woven into all of their clothes. Returning to the smart and sustainable aspect of the brand, through the collection of ocean waste they also support upcycling projects. The same waste is then processed and starting from the scraps they create their clothes and shoes.

This is just a small taste of what you can find on our site but we at Eco Fashion Labels are keen to provide you with useful tips for your Christmas shopping every week! So what are you waiting for? Let’s start surfing our market place!

Shop our products now at: Eco Fashion Labels – International marketplace for sustainable fashion

Link to our new Gift Guide for Kids: Gifts For Kids – Eco Fashion Labels

By: Lisa Finetti

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