Swedish Stockings: tights and women’s power!

In the last Century, tights were the main symbol of women’s clothing liberation, the most concrete symbol of femininity and modernization. The same pairs of tights that girls buy easily every day, have been for great-grandmothers and grandmothers an essential item in the fight for their independence. Our grandmothers used to put on their tights with gloves on to prevent from damaging them.

The fact that, today, we find pantyhose with such ease does not make us worry about the way we dress up.

Women’s stockings are mainly made of nylon. This material, however, is created starting from a process made up of polluting passages in which oil is involved. Although the modern sock industry is not made to last forever, there are manufacturers like Swedish Stocking, who have made this research their source of success.

The textile industry is the second most polluting industry in the world and Swedish Stockings has realised the possibility of reducing this impact by fighting against the habit of wearing socks and tights for such a short time. So they designed their own proucts made to last.

The strong desire to reduce the environmental impact in the production of socks has led Swedish Stockings to experiment a new way of producing the fabric to create new tights. They did this starting from recycled nylon. Furthermore, with a view for improving the entire production chain, the brand has greened the entire production chain. It has built its own factories with solar energy plants to produce in a sustainable way and has also decided to use only biogenic and non-harmful dyes in the coloring of all garments.

Although in recent years the attitude to waste has spread, nowadays consumers are much more aware and careful with their choices. Therefore when we even purchase a pair of tights we should ask ourselves whether or not the tights are good quality. The quality of each product, the guarantee of sustainability, inevitably lengthen the life cycle of all those products that we wear every day without thinking.

Once upon a time a simple pair of tights – a symbol of female emancipation, today became a symbol of a new idea: the one of sustainable fashion!

Each object changes its shape over time, it can also change its value. Today an emancipated woman is also the one who wears garments, enhancing their sustainable side and their qualities.

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By: Lisa Finetti

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