Green Friday: our awareness to spread sustainability!

Green or black? That is the question.

Black Friday is an American traditional event, that is celebrated every year on the Friday following Thanksgiving Day. It is a recent tradition linked to the world of consumption. It is not a real event, actually it is a way to attract people to spend more.

But let’s take a step back and see where the origin of this name comes from. The origin of this expression would have been invented by the taxi drivers of Philadelphia to indicate the car traffic that is generated in these data. The black also represents the pollution that is created by the exhausts of cars that run frantically to seek the most appealing discounts. This day in America marks the beginning of Christmas shopping, since some years ago, thanks to the crisis and the desire to sell, it has become a tradition for many countries.

Although this is an opportunity to save money and make crazy purchases, for some years the demonstrations of disruption against it have multiplied. The main reason for these revolts arises to curb the uncontrolled consumerism which is the main cause of environmental pollution.

And here we are – Green Friday! Among the many initiatives born from the willingness of buyers to raise awareness on ecological and solidarity matters, this alternative Friday is created.

In the wake of Buy Nothing Day, a day during which we aim not to make any purchases, Green Friday proposes a different way to operate. Among these behaviors adopted by firms there could be the choice of donating part of the proceeds to associations that promote sustainability and ethics or campaigns are held to raise awareness of the lifecycle of products. Encouraging consumers to purchase products that are perhaps more expensive, but will last for a long time.

Green Friday is an attitude. It is a state of mind and a choice of life. It means moving away from the choices of the mass production and giving up a convenient purchase. It means deciding to become fully aware of its impact in the circular economy of the world and to promote eco-sustainability – reduce environmental impacts and conscious consumptions. Being Team Green and not Team Black is simple. We can rummage in a closet and find our grandfather’s old jacket and decide to wear it because it is still fashionable and made of excellent fabric.

At Eco Fashion Labels, we strongly believe in this green philosophy. Our project was born from the desire to bring the world of fashion closer to sustainability. Our market place is the perfect meeting point between style and sustainability. We associate more than 55 fashion brands that share these values with us.

And speaking of Green Friday, we will also be at the forefront on this occasion to share the values that are very dear to us.

This is why we have decided to contribute to this cause. As you well know, with every purchase made through our site, we commit to a reforestation project thanks to Pledgeling Environmental Fund. (

On the occasion of Green Friday, for every purchase made we will donate 20 trees!

We believe actions show how much we love the planet we all live on. We believe that thinking and acting in a sustainable way is the only way to spread this philosophy.

Let’s join together and make the world a little more green.

By: Lisa Finetti

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