Linen Bloom: Stylish, Sustainable, Breathable!

Can sustainable fashion be stylish?

Yes. These are the answers written by Pooja Syal, Vinayak Suri, and Vicky Suri, the three members of Linen Bloom’s team. Their brand was born in 2019 with the aim of breaking stereotypes related to the sustainable fashion industry.

But if you want to find out more, keep reading this article!

  • Describe your brand in a few sentences. 

Linen Bloom is known for its colour palette, beautiful hand-crafted floral motifs and super soft texture. The natural bounce of the linen fabric, the cuts and shapes of our silhouettes lends itself to curvy and plus size clothing. Linen Bloom has made its way towards creating a sustainable identity. Our products are stylish, simple and thoughtfully detailed using eco-friendly materials and low impact dyes. 

  • What is the story of Linen Bloom? How did it all start?  

The fashion industry has been named one of the world’s leading polluters and there’s so much textile waste that it’s literally crushing the planet that we live on. We decided to follow an ethical line of fashion and strive to do our part in working towards a greener now. Linen fabric requires less water for its production, produces less waste along its growth and is able to absorb large amounts of CO2 thus improving the environment.

Linen Bloom started in May 2019 with the idea of creating garments that are going to last longer. Every brand has a personal story and our story is to effortlessly bring ethically made clothing into the modern wardrobe. We aspire to break the stereotype, that sustainable and eco-friendly clothing is not stylish.

  • Can you tell us more about the production process of your products? 

Throughout our production process we only use 100% linen for our products. We work to revive and restore Indian craftsmanship, creating a significant source of employment for local artisans, mainly women. These skilled artisans do different kind of embroidery using eco friendly materials and low impact dyes. Each piece of Linen Bloom is as unique as you are.

  • Personally, what does sustainability mean to you? 

We believe that sustainability is the responsibility of each of us. There is no black and white, people commit to values that are most important to them. Some choose to shop ethical by investing in natural and eco friendly fabrics, some prefer to use the dead-stock fabric or to buy garments to re-create them into something new. Our suggestion is “wear what you buy a lot”. Before making a new purchase ask yourself if you will wear the garment at least several times.

  • As a sustainable brand, what are your biggest challenges? 

The biggest challenge in the sustainable world is accurate pricing, which should be at a sweet spot. Between affordable and ethical, as a lot of effort is involved in making something that will last longer and is less harmful to the environment. The next challenge is to create awareness and educate people about the importance of sustainability.

  • Where do you gain inspiration? 

We gained our inspiration from curvaceous women. Linen is a beautiful fabric that makes your curve appear pretty toned down and make you love and accept your body as it is. No matter if you are shopping for size 8 or size 20, Linen Bloom focuses on designing clothes that celebrates your curves.

  • What is your favorite item from your assortment and why?

Our top picks include Tunics for all occasions, Capes for all seasons and Pants for all body types.

  • What is the story behind your brand’s name? 

Our garments are made from 100% linen and each time we try to create something unique by doing hand painted flowers on our dresses, hand crafted floral work on our tunics or floral digital prints on our capes. Everything connects to nature and flowers, that’s why we came up with the name “Linen Bloom”.

  • What made you choose Eco Fashion Labels to sell your products? 

Eco Fashion Labels only carry 100% sustainable and ethical clothing brands on their website. Sustainability is a trend that will never go out of fashion and this platform will allow their customers to shop with a guilt-free conscience.

  • What are the biggest challenges sustainable fashion is facing right now? 

Resources and finances are the biggest challenges sustainable fashion is facing right now. It’s about time everyone in the industry accepted that we need to take steps to make the industry more sustainable for the old brands as well as the new upcoming ones.

  • What can be improved in this sector? 

Sustainability will be the biggest takeaway from this crisis. People are making conscious decisions and changing their spending habits. But we still have a long way to go, recycling and minimising the waste are the areas that can be majorly improved.

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