Summer Outfits Inspiration | Women’s edition

Summer is not over yet and that’s why we have decided to collect the best pieces from our e-shop and give you some inspiration for what to wear during late-summer days. Besides, you can find a lot of valuable information about best and interesting materials to focus on during summer throughout the whole article. So make yourself a fruity homemade lemonade and enjoy reading our fashion guide!

You have already noticed for sure that every summer season, the main material used for garments is linen, this year included. And the reason behind it very simple!

  • breathable fabric
  • lightweight and loose
  • temperature-regulation

  • moisture-wicking fabric
  • absorbent
  • durable

All the items are listed at the bottom of the article.


  • lightness
  • water resistance
  • durable
  • soft and unique
  • wear and tear resistance


  • one of the most sustainable woods
  • durable
  • unique
  • water resistance
  • 100% natural


  • helps to limit the amount of metals
  • able to cut down transportation costs
  • still a high-quality
  • ensures less waste

We hope you enjoyed learning some information that could be helpful when shopping new pieces. It’s very important to know your materials and fabrics to understand their real function and properties. Stay tuned for part 2 of the best materials with inspiration for men’s outfits.

OUTFIT 1: Organic Round Neck T-shirt | Hand Marbled Silk Skirt | Vegan Sneakers Samo – White | Cork Handbag MARVA | Cork Woman Watch COCA | Cork Sunglasses CARBALO | Ear Studs Muang Muk – Round

OUTFIT 2: Upcycled Cotton Dress Myriel – Dotted Charcoal | Vegan Sandals Darco – Black | Audrey Mini Bag – Red | Moon Scrunchie | Middle Bracelet Nuu – Medium | Silver Earrings Big Heart

OUTFIT 3: Recycled Cotton Dress Alba | ANTHEMIS Backpack – Soft Pink | Vegan Sandals Irene – Brown | Gingham Scrunchie | Middle Bracelet Nuu – Medium | Ear Studs Muang Muk – Round

OUTFIT 4: Linen Tie Top – White | Linen Shorts Belted | Vegan Shoes Duhr – Nude | Woman Envelope MONROY | Middle Bracelet Nuu – Medium | Ear Studs Muang Muk – Round | Nairobi Scrunchie

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