Interview with Morphosis: a brand who’s heart beats for change.

We need to unite forces as sustainable brands or companies. The more we spread out the benefits of supporting this industry, the more we are closer to a change towards betterment” – Javier and Onur, founders of Morphosis.

Sweden- based brand called Morphosis specializing in the production of sustainable activewear, ready to rebuild the current preveiling societal values, fight fast fashion and dedicate their hearts into preeching sustainability.

Two friends who decided to commit their careers into manufacturing sustainable activewear, and just like that, turn their ives upside down. Onur and Javier met in Sweden, where Javier was backpacking and exploring the world outside of his motherland, Mexico. After just a short encouter, strangers turned into brothers and friends into business partners. Both of them mutually valued the power of sustainability and the thought that the world needs to be reset and the foudantion of global values rebuilt. Therefore, they decided to launch their eco-friendly activewear carrying the label of Morphosis.

If you are interested in how Javier and Onur´s values reflect in their brand, what is their personal relationship towards sustainability and how transparent they are about their proccesses, then keep reading.

1.Describe your brand in a few sentences.

We are more than a simple brand. Our goal is to bring a change into our society´s mentality.

We love our environment, and Morphosis is here to change the way to make fashion… a sustainable fashion.

2.What is the story of Morphosis? How did it all start?

Everything began when I ( Javier Revilla ) was backpacking in Europe, after leaving my home and job in America, to pursue my dream and visit the Ice Hotel in Sweden. I traveled for around one year all across Europe, until a friend took me to the 5st Strongest Disable Man (at that time 7th) who turned out to be Onur Colak. For some crazy and weird reason Onur and I connected immediately. As if destiny was calling us to do something bigger and greater. Onur had to go to America to compete against other strongmen in Arnolds Strongest Man Contest. Me, I had to leave that backpacking lifestyle I was having and once again following my heart… without any clue of what was about to come for us. Our morphosis began when we took different paths.

3. Can you tell us more about the story of the name of your brand?

After we took different ways. I was finally in Mexico waiting for a miracle, which happened more than 9,000 km away from me.

I (Onur) had thoughts of starting a new active wear brand which was going to be sustainable and help the world to be a better place for everyone. At that moment, I remembered my friend Javier and so I went and contacted him. I explained everything to him including the foundations, clothes, designs, the problems with the environment. But of course it was our mutual passion for sustainability that called the last shot. Because no matter what we were thinking and building the brand.

It was our fuel and motivation to leave our footprint in this life.”

I contacted Javier and asked for the best thing he is good at. The Morphosis name is coming from him and all the designs of the brand as well.

Javier : One day I wake up and my mind was burning out, as if  somebody or something was puttin a spell on me. I began to search for butterflies and how they transform from be a caterpillar into a butterfly. I been always fascinated about them. So, then I saw the word.Then I was like, THIS IS IT. This is what we all need… a change. 

MORPHOSIS, which comes from Greek and it means a transformation of an individual or an organism. “

4. What about your production process?

I (Onur) came up with the idea when I was at a business trip in Turkey. I saw how cheaply and under which horrible conditions was the clothes produced ,so I came up with the idea of making a sustainable brand. With my entrephenurship experience as well as throughout my personal life I learned a lot of how to make a brand sustainable. Thanks for them we succeed in our story. At Simurg Tasarim which is a Turkish based company they have happy employers, no child working, ecofriendly and sustainable production chain, no harmful energy use, human right and the owners are a happy married couple. They were so kind and we become more than just business partners we become like a family and we were thinking together how we can improve the brand. Today I say, I have found another mom and dad within these two wonderful human beings.

5. Personally, what does sustainability mean to you?

“People do not know what is sustainable. They think being ecofriendly or ecologic is enough in order to protect our planet. But unfortunately, is not.”

(Javier) What sustainability means for us is that not only we reach all standards and certifications that allow us to say “we are protecting our planet“ but also, we have the mentality and heart to care about each other.

Also we give equal opportunity to everybody. Despite their religion, sexuality, color or race. We are all equally important, therefore we treat everybody with respect, dignity and love. As we do it for our nature.

Onur: For me sustainability is the human itself. It’s a connection. If we humans want to live a good life and want that future generations to have a good life as well, we should protect our planet. If we don’t do it, then our lives will be shorter and the future generations will not be able to live in this beautiful planet. You can see how a human are deep inboard with just looking on what he/she is doing against the environment. For me the environment is far away from just a word, it’s a lifestyle which is connected with my personality and lifestyle. I want to live a good future to my children and others.

6. As a sustainable brand, what are your biggest challenges?

We are living in a very selfish and extremely consumerist world. Where constantly media is telling us what to buy, what to wear it and where to use it. Follow by lots of fallacies that nobody cares, due to social pressure. Our biggest challenge, not only for us; a sustainable brand is to change that destructive mentality.

“Sadly but, nowadays society is ruled by social media. Whatever they see on it, people would follow. So we are just waiting until somebody very famous says “consume sustainable products.”

Just like a few years ago, artists and public figures decided to be vegan or vegetarian which triggerd the organic industry. But that’s not our goal. Because if we do not learn from our mistakes, we are doom to make the same mistakes all over. Without a conscience, we will consume excessively sustainable products, and we will end up in the same position we are today. So what we really have to do is… to create and plant an honest conscience base on our values and not base on a football player or a pop artist comment.

7. What made you choose Eco Fashion Labels?

Before contacting Eco Fashion Labels, I searched for different platforms to sell our products. But to be honest, only a few felt really passionate about being sustainable. Eco Fashion Labels was one of them.  We need more sites like EFL.  Where one as a parthner can find trust, honesty, respect and love to help this international goal, which is TO MAKE A BETTER WORLD. I personally want to thank ALL EFL staff, for believe in this dream, for share that positivism with all of us. Most important, I want to thank you for never give up as well as gibing us a chance to expose ourself  as a brand and to expand our marketfield.

8. What are the biggest challenges sustainable fashion is facing right now?

The lack of information about the meaning of being sustainable is one of the biggest obstacles for this industry to grow. People are not aware of the consequences of normal fashion industry. Either that information does not goes out to the public eye, because the majority of this brands/companies are earning millions by contaminating and destroying our ecosystem and our whole world. Our biggest challenge is to gather all the data and evidence that fast fashion is causing to the Planet and spread out and go viral. We need to make people aware of what they are actually doing by consuming those brands names. At this moment, the sustainable industry is growing slowly but constant. As more catastrophes and natural disasters happen, people would open their eyes and realize what they had been doing. And when that happen, Sustainable names would rise like boiling water.

9. What can be improved in this sector?

We need to unite forces as sustainable brands or companies. The more and more we spread out the benefits of supporting  this industry, we would make it better. We need to promote each other in our own sites, so we expand all the sustainable names. If we gather public figures, positive influencers, athetles, so as artists we would make sustainable more and more public. Fortunately or unfortunately our society is more willing to get influence or pursue to do something. If we use that key on our side, we will grow faster this sustainable industry. Because indeed, we may not change the world as it is, we may not be able to stop plastic pollution as well as ocean and fashion pollution… but the least we can do is TRY to stop it, it may take longer , but it can be the legacy for our future generations.

“Because one thing is sure, TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER. Lets keep the spirit high. God bless you all.”

4 thoughts on “Interview with Morphosis: a brand who’s heart beats for change.

  1. We need more brands like this one, and most important, we need to change our mentality. Otherwise, we will never change entirelly

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  2. We need more brands like this, but most important we need to change our mentality about consuming fast fashion. Otherwise, if we do not change our way to see and think about our environment we will still be the same.

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  3. We definitely do need to start changing our mentality. Thats’s why we believe brands like Morphosis have a great potential for our future.

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