Good Guys Don’t Wear Leather: The Sustainable Leather Shoe

photo @goodguysdontwearleather

When it comes to leather and sustainability, many of us are left confused and questioning what the best approach is in terms of less wasteful and healthier alternatives to current practices for both the planet and our own health. The issue of vegan leather production compared to the utilisation of real leather that would otherwise go to waste is a dilemma that will be further unpacked in next week’s blog post.

photo: good guys don’t wear leather

French brand Good Guys Don’t Wear Leather, founded by Marion Hanania and with manufacturing taking place in Portugal, Spain and Italy; has addressed this issue with vegan leather footwear. The material used for the shoes is not leather as such, but rather eco-friendly and sustainable microfibres which create a leather or suede-like material that is completely cruelty-free. Other than sustainable microfibres, they also use canvas and natural rubber or wood for the soles. At Good Guys, the manufacturing process itself is also ethical, as workers produce pieces in a sweatshop-free and fair-trade environment, something Hanania was passionate about when setting up her own fashion initiative.

photo: good guys don’t wear leather

Having worked for Isabel Marant among other high-end fashion brands designing shoes, and with a background in the fine arts, Hanania brings a stylish touch to sustainable fashion. Effortlessly interweaving the ethical with cool all the while staying true to her values, her designs and brand ethics have been embraced by the likes of Emma Watson and Miley Cyrus.

Marion Hanania photo by @yerinmok

It is imperative in a time and age where we can access alternatives to past and present cruel practices of obtaining materials, to support the change makers who are moving to more ethical and sustainable methods of production. Fashion is wonderful, but it’s even better when it’s fair and doesn’t harm others and our planet.

You can browse the Good Guys sneaker collection on our website

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