Slow fashion in the world that can’t stop moving: how to give up fashion consumerism

In a world that is constantly rushing, moving and shifting towards better and more exciting ambitions and fantasies, it can sometimes get desperately difficult to take a deep breath and slow it down a little. Perhaps it is this world´s speedy nature full of profound promises that keeps pushing us into the corners of consumerism. In the true light, majority of us enjoys these corners, feels safe and secure in them for the simplest reasons.

Indeed, consumerism is a successful deceiver commonly using the means of social conformity that provides us humans with what we long after the most- sense of belonging. Doubtlessly, sense of belonging has been on the top of the pyramid of human needs and therefore remains one of the most prominent psychological factors fuelling today´s acute state of consumerism.

So far, the consumer culture has been defining the 21st century, where we as consumers are dominating in the centre of the act. The never stopping wave of advertisements, products, innovations, deals and sales motivate us within every minute of our day to progressively consume and purchase. But most importantly, due to the continual power of this wave of persuasion, we as consumers are never fully fed because when the new seasonal trend appears, suddenly we become hungry for it again. And the cycle continues.

Thankfully enough, over the past years humans have become increasingly aware about the question of consumerism and its disastrous impacts. Some people stopped storing, accumulating and perhaps exhausting the resources. But when it comes to fashion, are we really becoming smarter? Do we have enough strength to resist or do we have to slowly start redefining the structures and habits of the 21st century?

Can fashion be slow in a world that can´t stop moving?

At the moment, the world consumes approximately around 80 billion pieces, which is 400% more than we consumed two decades ago. Personally, I believe that as long as our planet keeps breathing, consumers will keep consuming. Therefore, rather than revolutionarily stopping consumerism in total, it is more critical to become a consumer that is attentive and conscious rather than ignorant and mindless.

Well, we all know the disastrous impacts the fashion industry has on our environment and on human lives as well as we know how to become a more sustainable shopper. Perhaps what we are still missing is how to practically apply this information into practice.

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