Can Fashion Influencers be sustainable?

The marketing nature of the social media models is based on promoting products via well-followed and publicly known figures. Those that are currently being called influencers. Whereas in the past products were advertised via a celebrity or expert endorsement, those times are perhaps far behind us. The trend setters now are nor famous or successful actresses or athletes, they are ordinary people who star in their own viral content making their insane fortune based on product marketing. But perhaps their ordinarity and humanity that makes them trustworthy enough.

At the moment, influencers are the main messengers of advertising. In 2017, Forbes calculated that the top ten fashion influencers combined generated a reach of 23,3 million on Instagram.

Think about it twice. All of these influencers are promoting culture that is destined and encouraging towards shopping and buying things that we definitely do not need. And sadly enough, only a small amount of fashion influencers decided to go the alternative way and start promoting sustainable rather than wasteful products.

The question remains, can fashion influencers remain sustainable? Can these “trend setters” eventually reject this ever-stopping “climate of trends setting”? Will they open their eyes before our planet closes hers?

Check out this video about two Parisian fashion influencers that claim that “it’s possible to combine working as an influencer with a responsible approach to consumerism.”

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