The end is just the beginning: Fashion Revolution Week 2020

The Fashion Revolution Week might be over yet their cause is more alive than ever. Let´s take this opportunity to rewind on their mission to transform and better the entire fashion industry. In previous posts, we have talked about the birth of Fashion Revolution and what are their main objectives. Today, let´s talk about what YOU can do to contribute.

But first, let me quickly recap about the reversal Fashion Revolution is calling for.

“We campaign for a clean, safe, fair, transparent and accountable fashion industry. We do this through research, education, collaboration, mobilisation and advocacy.”

– The Fashion Revolution


  1. End to human explotitation.
  2. End to environmental explotation.
  3. Safe and dignified working conditions with a standard and respectable wage.
  4. Balanced power distribution amongts the fashion industry.– here you can find access into more in depth info about the aims of FR.

Fashion Revolution claims that it is not a person, brand or a specific comapny they want to change- it is the entire system. And in order to change the system, voices of many are much needed. That is when YOU become relevant.

The movement is not only preventing human and environemental explotation. But predominantly it is spreading awarness by the means of collaboration, building a global movement or providing platforms open for dicussion and transperancy. By the collection of fashion activism as well as the wide spread of awarness, both industrial and policy change should take place.

Some might call it utopia, others call it wisdom. But it is only due to your help, that Fashion Revolution can both cultivate and practice wisdom.


There are plenty of opportunities for you to take upon. Here are some of them:

  1. Sign a Manifesto.
  2. Send an e-mail to a brand.
  3. Use your voice on Twitter or Instagram.
  4. Donate.
  5. Write to a policy maker.

But most importantly, stay true to yourself.

Think about how close this issue is to your heart and your well-being. Apply your power and determination to your daily routines. Show your empathy by asking yourself who made your clothes and how much did the process actually relieve our planet from the heavy burder of the fashion industry. And then feel happy, becuase you just completed YOUR part.

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