Jenny Mustard: 7 tips on how to avoid FAST FASHION

We all know that going sustainable is life-changing but sometimes a little unattainable. Swedish YouTuber Jenny Mustard shows you how to remain sustainable yet fashionable and creative without spending a fortune. As always, you will get some valuable insight into the fast fashion industry but also be reminded of the power of vintage and the beauty of local products.

“How can we look sexy, trendy and chic without damaging the planet? How do we find beautiful and good quality clothing that won’t cost us an arm and a leg? How do we avoid the cheap thrills of the tempting high street that so often leaves us with a bad feeling of guilt / bad quality clothes / bad conditions for the factory workers? How to become a more eco-friendly fashionista?”

“…being completely fast fashion free is not going to happen overnight, it’s a journey. and it’s not about being perfect, it’s about going in the right direction.”

– Jenny Mustard


Jenny argues that instead of seeing shopping as a “weekly Saturday activity when you are bored”, we should see shopping as the opposite- a planned and cautious activity.

And the take-home points?

  1. Buy more vintage!
  2. Keep de-cluttering.
  3. If you ought to shop, go for sustainable certified pieces.
  4. If it’s too cheap, then you know what it means…
  5. Say yes to clothing rentals.
  6. Love your clothes the way you love your friends.
  7. Be creative, sustainably.

So if you are struggling to find your way through sustainable and ethical fashion, definitely check Jenny’s videos, they are great!



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