Fashion Revolution Week: what is it all about anyway.

April, 24 2013 marks a significant day in the fashion history. Without that one tragic yet significant Wednesday, many of us would perhaps still remain unaware about the true face of this industry. And despite the dreadful nature of that day, our world would be lacking some of the most pro-changing and influencing organizations, such as the Fashion Revolution which came to existance as the outcome of this horror.

On 24 April, 2013 the Rana Plaza building in Bangladesh collapsed and took the lives of 1,100 people while leaving extra 2,500 injured. This collapse made its mark in the history as the fourth largest industrial disaster. Rana Plaza was a factory complex, that made clothes for some of the most preveling global fashion brands. Brands that are dominant in our daily lives.

It was suprising to disclose that this event had actually been predicted. Many experts claimed far before the disaster, that the building is extremely hazardeous and very propable to collapse at some point. While, other retailers occupying the building had the privilege and wisdom to leave the early enough to avoid the misfortune, the garmet workers did not. They to continued supplying clothes in the horror of fearing to lose their lives.

It would be natural to think that these brands were mainly fast-fashion, and they simply couldn´t stop due to their massively high turn-overs of clothes. Nevertheless, those brands did not only include fast-fahion, but also more expensive and higher quality clothing, which came as quiet a suprise…

“Their unifying attribute wasn’t low price, but lack of transparency.”

– The Fashion Revolution

Anually, the Fashion Revolution presents one week in a year that commemorates the horror that happened seven years ago in Bangladesh as well as invites the wider public to take a direct action. This year´s anniversary placed its focus on the impact of the Corona virus on fashion industry. By this action, the Fashion Revolution acknowledges the jolt of the virus on the yet emerging global economic crisis and therefore wants to assured about the well-being of garmet workers during those finencially difficult times.

Therefore, this year all of YOU have the perfect opportunity to send an e-mail (already drafted by the FR) and ask your favourite brand about the wellness of their workers.

So, what is Fashion Revolution about? And what is their main objective?

Have you ever wondered who made your clothes?

Since Fashion Revolution began to exist, people have been increasingly asking this question and raising their general interest in their clothing. And perhaps, it is becuase of this initiative, that the industry is finally changing..

Momentarily, Fashion Rervolution is one of the most influential change seeking organizations that calles for fair, safe, clean and transparent industry.

“But the story is far from over. We are only just getting started. We can’t stop until every worker who makes our clothes is seen, heard and paid properly and the environments they live and work in are safe. We can’t stop until the culture of consumption is changed and we learn to love and appreciate our clothes and the people that made them.”

– The Fashion Revolution

In order to keep their dream transparent, the Fashion Revolution came up with a Manifesto, that calls for “radical and revolutionary” change within the fashion production, distribution and consumption.

To give you a taste of their activism, the Fashion Revolution generally calls for:

  • “Fashion conserves and restores the environment.”
  • “Fashion is transparent and accountable.”
  • “Fashion celebrates life.”
  •  “It does not enslave, endanger, exploit, overwork, harass, abuse or discriminate against anyone. “

…and many more (for the entire Manifesto, click though the picture)

Thousands of diverse activisits around the world have already joined the momevement, all standing in consesnus about the outcome of their action. They want a change and they want it now. Because modern slavery must be eliminated, because the annual production of billions of garments must be eliminated and becuase neither clothes nor workers that make them are soulless.

And how about you? Are you ready to take an action?

Whether you are a retailer, citizen, journalist or an educator, the Fashion Revolution enables you to make a change. So, please, go ahead and check their website ( because “no one should die for fashion” and it really is relevant to know “who made your clothes”.

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