Label 004 / Myssy

Sustainable Fashion

Myssy / mysːy/
A funky wool hat

In today’s world, fashion is almost untraceable. Each piece of clothing passes through many different hands before it falls into our own.

Imagine being able to trace an item’s origin right back to its very beginning.

Introducing Myssy

a Finnish knitwear brand that allows you to follow the journey of your hat…


from the sheep…

…to the grandma…

…to you. 

Getting down to the knitty-gritty

Established in 2009, Myssy is a family run business from Pöytyä, Finland.

They use organic materials to produce comfortable and breathable wool hats.

Where it all began 

When a sudden sports injury brought Myssy founder, Janne’s, wind-surfing career to a premature end, he turned to knitting.

He started off with ski-wear, then ties, before eventually turning his needles to woollen hats.

Sustainable Fashion
Emäntä and Isäntä

In 2008, Janne met Anna. The two moved to a farm and found solace in needlecraft. Before long the duo were welcoming their first Myssy sheep to the farm.

 Janne and Anna were on the brink of something great.

Grandma chic

Original and organic, the couple began producing their first line of Myssy hats. They prided themselves in beautiful handmade hats from 100% Finnsheep yarn.

Unsurprisingly, it was a huge success.

Let’s hear it for the Grans

Soon it became impossible for Janne and Anna to meet the growing demand for Myssy hats. Who to call upon for their knitting needs? The myssymummot of course.

Today every Myssy hat is hand knitted with love by Myssy grandmas.


Eco fashion

Each myssy granny signs her creation so look out for their name on every label!

10 years on and Myssy have expanded the winter range to include scarves, muffs and ties. Their hats come in a series of styles and sizes from ‘Beibis’ to Kids to grown-ups.

Every Myssy hat moulds comfortably to your head and is available in a range of fun colours, the yarn hand-dyed with natural dyes.


At Eco Fashion Labels we stock a range of Myssy hats. 

Get yours just in time for winter.

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