KOMONO is constantly challenging boundaries, looking for fresh styles and innovative ways to improve their products. The NEUTRØ series was born out of this continuous experimentation to upgrade and reinvent their products.

The result? Quality, high-fashion sunglasses made of a carbon neutral material.

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The NEUTRØ collection features four classic KOMONO styles with NEUTRØ EcoPAXX® technology:

Francis / Vivien / Harper / Devon

All NEUTRØ sunglasses have bio glass and durable frames available in two colours:

sand / black.



In collaboration with Dutch science company DSM Engineering, KOMONO has developed a new material made from ricin beans which helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and protect our planet for future generations.

The NEUTRØ Series is designed with the wearer in mind. Each pair’s flexible material is resistant to shock and light properties ensure optimal comfort.

Where in the world?

The castor crop from which the ricin bean is grown can be traced back to India. The crop produces ricin, the key component to NEUTRØ sunglasses. The beans grow even on poor soil and do not compete with the food chain because they aren’t intended for human or animal consumption. So harvesting the castor crop provides income for local farmers.


Even the pouch and cleaning cloth are made of recycled materials.

Simple, sustainable, stylish.

[Check out the NEUTRØ collection online now]

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