Exposed: 4 labels you didn’t know were sustainable


Fjällräven offers customers functional outdoor clothing and accessories. The brand is convinced that products that last longer are better for the environment than seasonal trends. They are also interested in the production process of their products, looking for suitable raw materials and trying to reduce water and energy consumption where possible. The Re-Kånken collection is made of recyclable material and each bag is created using 8 PET bottles. Re-Kånken backpacks are available at Eco Fashion Labels in five different colours.



KOMONO is back with a new collection of NEUTRØ sunglasses. Their new release features high-quality designer glasses made of a carbon-neutral material. The frames are fashioned from ricin beans, a new material produced in collaboration with the Dutch science company DSM Engineering to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The NEUTRØ Series is designed with the wearer in mind, with a flexible material resistant to shock. Their light properties ensure optimal comfort whilst helping protect our planet for the next generation.


Dr. Martens

Docs are familiar to everyone and have a long-lasting tradition of quality leather footwear. Last year Dr. Martens responded to the demand for a vegan alternative to their collection by redesigning their classic models with a synthetic leather-like material. Unfortunately, whilst the material is vegan-friendly it is not necessarily completely eco-friendly. That said, we strongly believe in long-lasting fashion and Dr. Martens are top quality. This means they do not wear down and can last for years.



The outdoor brand Patagonia is constantly moving forward and working with new materials that are less harmful to the environment. Cotton used by Patagonia has been awarded the highest GOTS certificate and 56% of its brand is also certified by Blue Sign. Their products have retained their unique design for decades and are a model example of slow-fashion.


Wondering what ‘GOTS’ means? Find out more about certifications here

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