Unpacked: where to shop sustainably in Prague

igelitová taška

The average Czech produces 300kg of waste every year.  The statistics are worrying and in response, the government is imposing stricter waste regulations. Since the beginning of 2018, there has been an amendment to the Packaging Act which means customers are now charged for plastic bags.

But this is not enough. You can support the cause by shopping at eco-friendly, refill stores to drastically cut down on packaging waste.


One of the best-known refill stores in Prague is Bezobalu and thanks to its success, it is opening a second store. As well as promoting a zero waste philosophy, the store prides itself on the high quality of the products sold.

Not convinced? Bezobalu is a non-profit organization so all the money they make goes straight back into research. So by shopping here, you are helping the Czech Republic move towards more sustainable food distribution and the creation of more affordable and high-quality healthy food in reusable packaging!

Find Bezobalu here: Belgrade 96, Prague 2 or Pod Kaštany 5 street in Prague 6


Once you’ve restocked your kitchen cupboard, the next step is unpacking the bathroom cabinet. Nebaleno not only offers products with zero packaging, but they are also ecological and natural. None of their products are tested on animals either, what’s not to like?

Just bring along your own container and stock up. What’s more, if you forget a jar they’ll let you borrow one for free.

2018 is an exciting year for Nebaleno as they open up another store and offer home deliveries.

Find Nebaleno here: Jaromírova 726/15, Prague 2 – Nusle, 128 00

Otherwise, why not try bringing your own bag to a farmers’ market next time you go shopping to avoid the excessive plastic favoured by supermarkets.

Alternatively, Lush also offers plenty of skin care products without packaging.

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