Quick Guide: where to study sustainable fashion

sustainable fashion

When it comes to clothing, throwaway fashion has dominated the market. It is only in recent years that we are finally witnessing a shift in mindsets and sustainable fashion is beginning to take centre stage. Companies are realising it is possible to create clothing with minimal harm to the planet.

Interested in learning more?

We have put together an overview of which institutes you should consider looking into if you want to study sustainable fashion creation.

United Kingdom, London: London College of Fashion

MA Fashion Futures

The London College of Fashion in London, is collaborating with the Centre for Sustainable Fashion to introduce a new Masters Program. If you choose to study Fashion Futures you will focus on the theory and the practical application of ideas concerning sustainable fashion, design, ethics, psychology and anthropology.

At the same university, the Central Saint Martins faculty offers a short-term course focusing directly on Sustainability Fashion Design.

As of February 2018, the university also offers a course on Luxury Sustainable Fashion, which is taught online.

Germany, Berlin: Akademie Mode & Design

MA Sustainability in Fashion and Creative Industries

As part of the Akademie Mode & Design’s Master Program students are taught to take their analytical and sociological skills and creatively apply them to a business plan with an emphasis on sustainable fashion creation. As part of the course, you will attend workshops, excursions and work on practical projects in collaboration with fashion brands.

Italy, Florence: Polimoda

Sustainable Fashion

The Polimoda Institute offers a short-term course in the very heart of Florence. Students can take modules in contemporary fashion, fashion marketing and marketing strategies, technological innovation and the impact of technology on the environment.

USA, New York: State University of New York

Sustainable Design Entrepreneurs

If you are interested in building a sustainable business, this course offers all the tools and resources you need to get started. Although the certificate is uncredited, Students will leave with a thorough understanding of the industry.


Whilst currently only a handful of universities host courses in sustainable fashion design – the potential is promising. Already professors in many arts universities are introducing eco-friendly design projects that students can take for a semester.

If you want to see faster change, it’s down to the students to make it happen…

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