2021: 5 good ecological intentions for Next Year!

The arrival of the New Year creates many expectations every time. To leave 2020 behind us for good, we have all already begun to think about good intentions for 2021. Every year we promise to do more sports, save money and maybe go on a diet. For 2021, we at Eco Fashion Labels have thought of some good sustainable intentions that will help us live in a better and greener World! … More 2021: 5 good ecological intentions for Next Year!

Bamboo: When is it sustainable?

Bamboo has been used as wood for housing, a Chinese side dish, a traditional Indian pen and used for making paper and musical instruments. After centuries of good use, we re-discovered the power and value of this special tall grass and how to use it to replace less sustainable materials, especially in the fashion industry. … More Bamboo: When is it sustainable?

From Chanel to ZARA: why did fashion become fast in the first place?

From unique to ordinary. From locally produced goods to global trends. From ever-lasting pieces to seasonal winds. When did fashion lose its original exclusivity and become regular? And when did timeless designs change into monthly trends? What actually happened to fashion and what is the way out? If we start from the beginning, the word … More From Chanel to ZARA: why did fashion become fast in the first place?

one year anniversary

1 Year Anniversary Party

Last Thursday we opened our shop doors to celebrate one year of Eco Fashion Labels. And what a year it has been!


KOMONO is constantly challenging boundaries, looking for fresh styles and innovative ways to improve their products. The NEUTRØ series was born out of this continuous experimentation to upgrade and reinvent their products. … More SUNGLASSES KOMONO


Undressed: GOTS

Bio Certificate GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) is perhaps the most comprehensive certificate that guarantees the ethical status of your garment and that it is 100% ecological. The environmental requirements are followed from the beginning of … More Undressed: GOTS



Fjällräven offers customers functional outdoor clothing and accessories. The brand is convinced that products that last longer are better for the environment than seasonal trends. They are also interested in the production process of their products, … More Fjällräven 



Back in 1995, two friends from Australia, David and John, began brainstorming their brand Thought. Their first collection was simple: a collection of men’s shirts and beachwear made from nettle and hemp fibre. … More Thought